Let’s Talk Flavor

There are many, many choices of restaurants out there; however, there are two key factors that cause a customer to return to a restaurant, and that is, excellent customer service, and a tasty and flavorful meal. Today I want to talk a bit on flavor.

The best way to talk to you about flavor, I have to take you home.

Yes, it is like way back when in the islands when I reached home from school and my mother call me from outside where I was either playing baseball, dandy shandy or cricket with stuffed milk box, or swinging way too high on a swing in the back yard that my friends and I made.

When I run in and sat at the table and ate my dinner, it’s simply heavenly delicious, there was flavor oozing in every bit of the meat and the food, it had flavor, the chicken (doesn’t matter which part- back, feet, whole)makes no difference.

I tell you, it was commonplace, everybody food tasted good, from a simple “run boat” with my friends during school break, or dinner at my friend’s house, or my house. Whether it is from a chicken that just got butchered in the back yard, or chicken, beef or seafood purchase from the corner store.

They were simple, common, everyday spice that everybody had… your scallion, thyme, garlic, pimentos, black pepper, scotch bonnet pepper, ginger and other spices. Many of these were grown in our back yard.

As the owner of Caribbean Feast Cuisine, this is the taste and flavor we work ridiculously hard to maintain every day! At other restaurants you may get a very over loaded box food, but is it flavorful? And for some that it is, the question is, is it consistent?

At Caribbean Feast, we don’t miss, we work hard every day to give you that delicious Caribbean taste, where flavor oozes in every bite… on a consistent basis.

Stop on over when you can and taste a flavor of HOME!!

Peace & Love

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