As a business owner I have being listening very keenly to hear when the City will be giving the green light to reopen.  As a small business owner, especially a restaurant business; we have been adversely impacted by the closure, it has been devastating for us.  Each and every day we are fighting to keep our business afloat amidst these closures and challenging times. We have improvised in everyway possible to come up with new ideas to keep traffic in our restaurant via curbside pickup and delivery.

These are limited services, adapted  to keep us afloat until the restrictions are lifted.

I am so looking forward to the green light!!! Yes, to fully reopen our FULL services of in-house dining and in-restaurant pickup.  But I must say, I will only do so safely. I see myself solely responsible for the safety and well-being of my staff and customers.

There will be simple common-sense changes and compliant to the CDC guidelines for reopening, this you will see when you walk in our restaurant again.

Please stay tune to hear what these changes will be. We will continue to be safe with our curbside and delivery services.  Please continue to support us, we do need your help to keep us afloat until the green light is given to again provide our full and complete services to you.

Peace and love.

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