Community Outreach Blog #7

I believe every business success is determine by the area in which it is located. If a business does not have the support of its community, it will not succeed; yes, I believe this either makes or breaks a business.

Caribbean Feast Restaurant is a part of the North Philly area, and I am thankful for the community where we provide service. They show their respect and support to us, even in these financially challenging times, they endeavor to support us, their local business.

It is this type of community sprite that has prompted us every year for the past 9 years to give back to our community in the form of “Disney In North Philly”. We block the streets off, have music, dance, face paintings, Elmo and clown character, and hot cooked meals from our restaurant, free to our community all day, with a focus on the children.

Our annual community services were acknowledged and recognized by many different entities and groups, one of which is, The City Council of Philadelphia, we were awarded an Honorary Citation “…. For going beyond the call of duty to enhance the quality of life in the community…” I have shared a copy of this honorary award in this blog!

It is with a sense of gratitude to the community, and thanksgiving to the LORD that we give back and sow in the community.  My family and I do this not only as a duty, but it was ALWAYS our passion to help those who needed help, especially the children and youth.

A wiseman in his message encouraged everyone to “Bloom Where You Are Planted.” Our business is planted in the North Philly community, and as the LORD causes us to bloom, we will continue to share and sow in this place, a community called North Philadelphia and its surrounding areas.

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