Caribbean Feast Restaurant- The Story

There is always a story for every successful business, Caribbean Feast has its story.

Caribbean Feast Restaurant has been in operation for over 15 years, it is a minority and family owned business. Caribbean Feast was featured on the Food Network, it is known throughout the Tristate area for its authentic dishes, it was founded by Howard Foreman and family.

I am Howard Foreman, I was asked to, “tell us about Howard, who is Howard Foreman”?

“I am a man who loves and fears the LORD, my family is the most important and precious thing in my life, I care for the less fortunate and love children.  I am also a man with a passion for cooking.”

Where did that passion came from? “As a child, I watched my mother cooked for practically the whole neighborhood. She would take her time seasoning and marinating the food. She enjoyed cooking, it was fun for her, it was like “Me Time” to her, it was also an adventure for her! The spices were all natural, EVERYTHING she made from scratch”.

“Cooking for her neighbors were just the same as cooking for her family; the quantity did not affect the quality, nothing was shorthanded. My mother is one of the greatest chefs, she is my role model, and I can’t do it any less than what I was taught.

Cooking is really my passion, I fell in love with the art of cooking, it’s an adventure for me too. Whenever I cooked for my friends and family, they were always amazed and pleased with the tantalizing flavor and taste. They all urged me to open my own restaurant, on that premised, 15 years ago, Caribbean Feast Restaurant was established.

“Measuring cup is not a part of my kitchen tools, it’s all about mixing this portion with that portion, to get a distinct taste that is not out there! One of my most recent “Mixture” is now one of our best-selling items, it’s our Spicy Honey Chicken…try it and you will see what I am talking about.”

I was asked what “makes my restaurant stands out from the rest”, I must say it is the “Fun & adventure cooking approach” it is with this approach the food is ensured to be flavorful and delicious… It’s a distinct taste that is not out there !”

Have I had any setback? Oh boy, can lightning strike one place twice? It sure did. My restaurant was burned to the ground twice in 2 years. As a new and minority owned business, it was very challenging maintaining the insurance, so when the restaurant was burned it was not insured…on both occasions.

My family came to the restaurant every day, we setup food stall on the street, raised the funds to buy material and rebuilt the restaurant by ourselves. “If you look in the restaurant, every single tile was painted by my family… wife & children”

My 2nd setback was my projection for the bulk of my business, it all fell apart. I had projected to provide the catering service to the corporate businesses in the area, but I got a rude awakening, they already had contractors providing that service. It was the community and residents that built my business and made it successful, so once per year, I give back to the community. We block the streets off, provide entertainment and free food to the children all day.

I was asked “what’s the plan for the new year 2020”.  Caribbean Feast Restaurant is having a face-lift!! Yes, we are having an outside kitchen installed on the porch, where our customers and see live!!

We have also enhanced our delivery service by incorporating several delivery services, such as Uber Eats, Grub hub, and Door Dash. And finally, we are expanding our food truck service in various areas.

Are you a Vegan or vegetarian? Don’t miss our next blog, we have some scrumptious dishes awaiting you!! Can’t wait, then go, visit my restaurant to see what you have being missing!! It is one of Philly’s best kept secret….no joke.

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